Especially for Mission Leaders

How well am I tending to my own formation?

A mission leader knows she has a responsibility to tend the call to minister fruitfully and with integrity to her organization, and wonders how to create some a structure for her own spiritual support and competency development. As mission leaders we mus ask, how do we steward the best resources God has given us in our ministries?  How do we tend the precious call and make this ministry sustainable for the longer haul?

Consider meeting with a coach who can help you discern where the spiritual and professional paths come together.

Spiritual Direction is a classic form of care. “Coaching for mission” is the name I am using to describe the distinctive blend of coaching and spiritual formation that I provide to the established or emerging Mission Leader and leader of Ministry.  Depending on their individual needs, Mission Leaders throughout Catholic Health Care have availed themselves of my support in all of the following areas:

  • Utilizing thought partnership and guidance on project development;
  • Deepening a sense of ministerial and ecclesial identity;
  • Strategizing on the cultivation of stronger relationships with ecclesial and community leaders;
  • Discovering how to relate more effectively, authentically and strategically, with ones CEO, Senior Team, Board and Sponsors;
  • Attending to competency development specific to the CHA Competencies for Mission Leaders – creating a development plan that will enhance ones personal, theological, ethical, organizational, spiritual, organizational competencies;
  • Evaluating and leveraging rich organizational spiritual resources for mission — rhythms, symbols, stories, people;
  • In all this, reflecting theologically, recognizing and celebrating who God is for us in this holy work..

Most sessions can be managed well over the phone, Skype or Google hangouts as preferred.  I am able to meet in person in Southeastern Michigan, and during select travel.  Contact me for an initial consultation.  I have a small network of similarly qualified professionals to whom I can refer you to make sure you have the right resource.