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Select Publications


Vision, May 2014. “What we hold: Chaplaincy’s ministry to institutions”

Vision, March-April 2011 ”From bedside to boardroom: The expanding ministry of chaplaincy” (Part two in a two-part series) with Paul Marceau, THD

Vision, January-February 2011. “Profession of Chaplaincy: Advances in patient care” (Part one in a two part series) with Paul Marceau, THD,

Vision, March-April 2010. “Together drinking deeply: Spiritual practice as a resource for leadership”

Vision, August-September 2003. From bedside to boardroom: expanding the healing ministry of Jesus”

Health Progress, November-December 2004, “Baptizing” Deceased Infants?  Is there a Catholic Ritual that Chaplains Can Perform to Relieve Grieving Parents? With Martin Leever, PhD, Fr. Richard M. Leliaert, PhD, Kenneth Richter, DO & Peggy Nelson, RN, MSN.