BDK Collaborative

BDK Collaborative: A Source for Leaders

Drawing deeply from the riches of our traditions and attending to the abundant Spirit of God in our lives together, we support the development of spiritually grounded leaders for the future through the provision of individualized services.  The work of the Collaborative represents the gifts of professionals in the fields of spirituality, ministry, academia, human resources, organizational and clinical psychology, clinical health care, social work, development and fund-raising, and public service.  Collaborative work is ongoing and includes the following:

  • Interdisciplinary research and writing
  • Development of online formation resources for mission leaders
  • Leadership development and spiritual formation for elected officials 

What we do together

  • Collaborate and Consult:  We bring the best collaborative thinking and energy to the refinement of formative programs and processes that develop the spiritual resources of organizations and institutions.
  • Supervise and Guide:  We provide contractual supervision, formalized mentoring and spiritual direction to those who are engaged in ministerial or service leadership.
  • Inspire and Celebrate:  We offer retreats, days of reflection, and inspirational programming based in traditional spiritual resources and focused on the abundant spiritual wealth of our individual and collective lives.  We create and lead rituals based in traditional sources celebrating the rich transitions in the lives of organizations and individuals.
  • Resource and Refer:   We connect developing professionals with individuals, services and programs that will enhance their leadership capacity and deepen their spirits for the sake of service.
  • Research and Write:  We track trends and best practices in the field of ministerial formation while sharing our learnings through various communications sources.

What we value

  • Reverence: With deep respect and joyful curiosity we honor the abundant life of the Spirit  in which individuals, organizations and institutions already participate.
  • Sustainability: We utilize that which is already closest to our bodies, minds and spirits– our routines, rhythms, relationships — coupled with the best of our spiritual traditions, as the main sources for spiritual development.
  • Ministry Excellence:  High standards, high ethics, accountability, the imperative of professional development for those engaged in professional ministry and for those who in their work and lives deeply identify with the notion of service; stewarding well the gifts that are bestowed, including our spirituality.