Ongoing Formation

Many organizations have already made large investments in the mission formation of their leaders and teams.  We can develop a plan for ongoing support to help individuals, work teams or governing boards with the continued integration of significant learning and a deepening sense of mission.  Solutions may include a customized retreat or series of retreats; coaching for leadership teams around mission and values; individualized coaching and consultation for leaders entrusted with the responsibility for mission effectiveness.  I have experience with and access to resources and models that range from more intensive in-person work to cost effective web-based or distance learning solutions.  Feel free to contact me for a an initial consultation to assess needs.

This could not be more important.  There are people back home counting on us to do this well.

- The CEO of a Catholic health system

The CEO of a health system sets the tone with her senior team while on a spiritual retreat.  She recognizes the “work” of ongoing spiritual formation in the context of the larger mission of her organization.  In preparation for this retreat we drew upon her own learning from leadership formation efforts and set this in the context of her own formation, utilizing the symbols, art and stories of her organization to ground our work together.  The team left their time together with a deeper sense of their own individual calls as connected to the larger call of the organization.

How do you tend to the “call” of your organization?

Consider the value of a leadership retreat to help integrate the work of formation efforts and deepen a sense of mission for your team.