Those who are most fruitful in their leadership over the longer haul are serious about self-care and pay close attention to their spirituality.

Maybe you are one of those leaders.

You recognize how spirituality is a powerful resource not only for you own leadership, but also for promoting the integrity, resiliency and fruitfulness of your institution and in the leadership team in which you serve.   Maybe you are one of those leaders who recognizes the value of the strategic and ongoing work of spiritual formation for you, for your team, and for your institution.

But you could use some help making it all happen.

Consider the value of consulting with a trusted and experienced guide who can help you integrate spirituality into your organization in a meaningful and lasting way, through

  • Organizational Spirituality and Mission Effectiveness
  • Spiritual Direction and Coaching for Mission for Teams and Individuals
  • Retreat Design and Facilitation
  • Ongoing Formation for Leaders

BDK Collaborative equips strong and mission-minded leaders for the future and can help you build smart structures to integrate spirituality as a resource for leadership in your organization.  BDK Collaborative helps leaders take a deeper dive into an individual and shared sense of mission, integrating leadership development, educational and ministry formation efforts.